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Our products

We offer a wide range of galenic shapes and packaging. We are also available for the development of any product. We can manufacture with organic, gluten free, Halal and Kosher raw materials.



gélules compléments alimentaires

Capsule, known and appreciated by consumers, is one of the most requested shapes:

Size : T1, T0

Colour : Many standard colours as well as a possibility to develop your own colour

Origin : plant, animal or marine


comprimés compléments alimentaires

The tablet, which allows for the dosing of important active ingredients, is at the heart of our technical expertise.

Size and Type:round, 10 to 18 mm in diameter; oblong, oval, diamond

Colour: batch-dyed (en masse), all colours

Intake : swallowing, sucking, chewing, under the tongue

Multi-layers tablets

formes galéniques compléments alimentaires

Our added value: for 15 years, we have been the French specialist in multilayer tablets in the food supplement market. We can offer all the above shapes in mono, bi or tri-layer, to optimise your products and your image with consumers. .



Herbatech Innovation: The micro-tablet, with a size of 2 mm in diameter, is a real revolution on food supplements market. Its little size allows to facilitate oral intake, to dose with precision actives and to increase ingredients quantity compared to a conventional powder stick.

Micro-tablets is packaged in sticks.



Piluliers compléments alimentaires

Classic and standard packaging for your powders, capsules and tablets. We offer a great range of colors in our standard.

Size : from 30 to 500 ml, round and "lighter-shaped"

We can handle the printing of your labels.


Blisters compléments alimentaires

Qualitative and customizable, this type of packaging also improves the stability of your products.

Size : for your capsules and tablets, by 8, 10, 15, 20 or 25 (depending on the galenics)


Sticks compléments alimentaires

Practical and travel-friendly, it is a promising galenic shape for the supplement market. Direct intake or to dilute with water, sticks could contain :

- powder

- Micro-tablets


Etuis compléments alimentaires

We offer automatic casing of your blisters. Cases from 1 to 4 blisters, with or without the medication leaflet

Size : for your capsules and tablets, by 8, 10, 15, 20 or 25 (depending on the galenics)

Benefit : Increase significantly your communication area.

We can handle the printing of your cases.(After reception of your graphic elements).



Ecological, airtight and space saving, Doypack® is a packaging innovative and attractive. This ajustable size bag offer possibility of packing the whole of your galenic shapes, tablets, capsules, sticks or even free powder.

Benfit : Its big printing area (on the 2 faces) allows you to design an attractive visual. Composed with solid and flexible materials without bisphenol A, its constitute an excellent oxygen barrier and ensure optimal protection for your products. Thanks to its zipping closure, its allows a partial and for on-the-go consumption, without degradation risk of your supplements.

We can handle the printing of your complexe or of your labels (After reception of your graphic elements).

According to your request, our offers include: :

- FULL SERVICE : with precise specifications, we can develop the formula and provide you with a finished product of which the raw materials and packaging items are supplied by us.

- PARTIAL SERVICE : the formula and / or raw materials and / or packaging materials are supplied by you.

Certification: our production lines are AB France® certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, an independent certification organisation. So we can provide you with organic food supplements bringing you a quality and traceability guarantee, using plant extracts from organic farming.

Our services

Herbatech guides you in the various strategic activities in order to market the food supplements.


We attach a particular importance to the sourcing of raw materials as they are the basis of the product composition. We can offer you the following service at the sourcing stage: we select quality raw materials, have proof of this quality (analysis reports) and control the data (comparing it to the analysis control plan), all the while also managing the economic aspect.

We buy our raw materials both in France and internationally. Seeing as all the plants do not grow everywhere, we prefer to work with suppliers who collect them where they grow, in order to gain in quality and cost.

Sourcing compléments alimentaires
Sourcing matières premières complément alimentaire
Sourcing ingrédients compléments alimentaires

We carry out regular scientific and technical monitoring to keep up with the latest developments in the market in terms of ingredients: clinical studies, patents, innovations, trends...

We value the trust relationships with our suppliers and favour sustainable partnerships. To achieve this, we work with suppliers and distributors who are selected for the quality of their expertise, their service and their raw materials. We consistently assure the quality control of the supplier: HACCP and other certifications, before any referencing.

We regularly enrich and evolve our raw materials control plan with the applicable legislation to guarantee raw material quality.


Bacteriological and physiochemical analyses, stability studies, active ingredient dosing, foreign body controls, heavy metal measurements, PAH content monitoring...

We work with laboratories which are specialised in their field to offer analyses tailored to your product.


Food supplements have a rather broad legislation which evolves regularly. Thus, it is not always easy to orientate oneself. Thanks to our regulatory monitoring and our partnership with our legal advisory agency, we have a good command of the latest legislation changes to develop your products with peace of mind.

The legislation of food supplements in some key texts:

Europe :

- The European Parliament and Council Directive 2002/46 / EC of 10 June 2002 on the approximation of the Member States’ legislation related to food supplements

The INCO 1169/2011 legislation

Réglementation Française compléments alimentaires

Authorised health claims :

- The Legislation 1924/2006 of 20 December 2006 on nutrition and health claims dealing with foodstuffs

Authorised plants :

- The Decree of 24 June 2014 establishing the list of plants, other than fungi, authorised in food supplements and the conditions of their use, called "the French plants decree"

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